3 Benefits Of Ductless HVAC

ductless hvac

If you’ve ever spent a summer in Toronto and the GTA, you know the importance of having the right air conditioning. Ductless can be that difference maker for you, but go ahead and read below for the main benefits of ductless HVAC.

Discover The Benefits Of Ductless HVAC

Save Money

While some sources point out that ductless isn’t always the cheaper way to go, it’s important to see the whole picture. Central air is a great option but far from perfect. Not only does it draw in more power to push cool air through ductwork, it also relies solely on an existing vent system in your home. Without it, you could be paying a lot more than ductless. Window models are the cheapest, but they are flawed too. Leaks and gaps around the edges lead to cool air escaping, and higher energy costs to operate. Ductless solves these issues by efficiently cooling a given area of your home, without the worry of escaping air or the reliance on ductwork.

Save Energy

Due to its design, one of the main benefits of ductless HVAC systems is that it cools only a given section of your home. This makes them extremely efficient at pulling enough energy to keep you cool, without having to control the temperature of your whole home. More than one unit can be installed in larger homes, but for older ones, ductless can be exactly what you need to beat the heat and control energy costs.

Save The Hassle

Unlike central air, ductless relies on a single unit and compressor to distribute air to a given area or room of your home. Skip the hassle of installing central air unless you have existing ductwork in place. If you need multiple areas of your home kept cool, you can have more than one ductless unit installed – just make sure you hire a professional.

Knowing The Benefits Of Ductless HVAC Isn’t Enough

It takes a professional to correctly install a ductless unit – not a YouTube tutorial. Trust us, at Ductless Air, we’ve answered countless calls to help correct installation issues done by other “professionals”.

Our team has proudly served Toronto and the GTA for more than 30 years, so we know the value in quality customer service – which starts with doing the job right the first time. Contact us at 647-547-9207 if you ever need any help with HVAC installation, maintenance, or repairs. We’d be more than happy to help talk about the benefits of ductless HVAC to keep you fully informed about your cooling options.