Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great addition to any home, whether you have a duct system or not. These ductless air units provide heat in cooler months and air conditioning in warmer months. Ductless heat pumps use the same components that ductless air conditioning does, so there is no additional installations needed.

These units are very efficient and provide warm heat in spaces that need a heating boost in the winter months. These units are typically the best choices to be the sole provider of heating for a home because their capacity may not be what you need it to be, but they are very efficient.

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Over the past 35 years, we’ve definitely seen and heard it all from our customers when addressing their HVAC system needs. That’s why we’re taking a few minutes to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding HVAC.

HVAC System Questions Answered

Is insulation important in my home?

Yes. A well-insulated home can do wonders for your HVAC system’s efficiency and reducing your energy bill each month. Make sure any drafty windows or doors are taken care before the summer or winter months to maximize efficiency.

When should I call a professional for HVAC help?

While most maintenance can be demonstrated in a DIY video online, some things are best left to those with experience. Changing an air filter is something you can handle yourself, but when your system fails or isn’t working as it should, just call the right professional to avoid making things worse or voiding any warranty you may have.

What are heat pumps?

Sometimes known as ductless air conditioners and mini-splits, heat pumps are a form of HVAC that is best used to spot heating and cooling. Having them installed in smaller homes or given areas of a home can be a great way to save on energy and avoid the cost of replacing a boiler, furnace, etc. You should always consult a professional to see if this makes sense for your home though.

Do I really need duct cleaning?

Yes, but not as often as you might think. While some condos have this done as part of your maintenance fees once a year, homeowners shouldn’t forget to do the same. Clean ductwork and vents help your indoor air quality and help the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

How often should I change my air filters?

Every 3-4 months to ensure proper airflow is getting to your HVAC system.

What is a comfortable temperature to set my thermostat during the day?

You should always set your thermostat to be a few degrees higher in the summer and lower in the winter. Nothing drastic, but you don’t want to waste energy heating or cooling a home if you aren’t there during the day.

What’s a good temperature for sleep?

19-21 degrees is ideal for sleeping. Remember, our bodies are designed to sleep better in dark and cool environments, so don’t be afraid to use that blanket during the winter instead of cranking up the heat.

When It Comes To HVAC Systems, Ductless Air Knows Best

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Living in Toronto and the GTA means you’re used to extreme heat and cold when it comes to temperatures. Everyone knows you need air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. While heat pumps can be a great option for both of those needs, sometimes they need repairs. And if it’s in the middle of winter, you’ll need the right help, fast. That’s why Ductless Air is available to provide 24-hour heat pump repair.

Always Call A Professional For Your 24-Hour Heat Pump Repair

After more than 30 years of responding to all types of distress calls regarding HVAC repairs, you can bet we’ve heard it all. Some handymen are in over their heads. Other services may not be able to respond in a suitable timeframe to provide assistance. And sometimes, we’ve been called in to clean up after someone else has tried to “fix” an issue. No matter what the issue is, we always recommend calling a real professional who does this for a living. It really does make a difference when the mercury drops into the lower negatives.

Ductless Air Is The Right Choice For 24-Hour Heat Pump Repair

Our team of technicians is well-known in Toronto and the GTA. We’ve helped homeowners and businesses alike with their heat pumps, furnaces, boilers and air conditioners for more than 30 years now. There’s nothing we haven’t seen, repaired or maintained, so you can feel confident that we’ll be there whenever you need us. After all, you don’t get to last as long as we have in this city without knowing how to put customers’ needs first. All it takes is a call to our office to get started.

Someone is always available to take your call and assess your situation over the phone. If it’s an emergency – like in the middle of winter – we can even dispatch a technician in just a few hours to your home or office. From there, we’ll work hard to identify the problem and fix the issue at hand. Just call 647-547-9207  anytime to take advantage of our 24-hour heat pump repair service. We’re always here to help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Remember, 30 years of experience in Toronto and the GTA can’t be wrong, so give us a call!

In a city like Toronto and the GTA, it’s important to find the right professionals to help when dealing with HVAC issues. See what you should always look for when you need emergency heat pump repair in your home or office.

Finding Professionals For Your Emergency Heat Pump Repair

It’s important to find the right professional when dealing with emergency heat pump repair, and not just go with whoever is available. Here’s a checklist of things to consider before hiring someone to help with your HVAC.

How long have they been around?

This is true for hiring any professional. Their experience is almost always an indicator of what to expect. A few years of experience might mean they are fresh out of school and still learning the ropes, so do you want them to experiment on your system?

What portion of Toronto and the GTA do they service?

Determining what parts of the city an HVAC service will dispatch a technician is important in determining how big of a team they have. The bigger the team, the wider the response area will be. That means they are trusted enough to have a number of people willing to respond to calls around the city – which is always a good sign.

Do they have good reviews online?

Everyone reads reviews, and quantity counts. Having a couple good reviews isn’t a good indicator of a good business. Having a large number of reviews will help give you a better idea of what you can expect before hiring a specific company. Sure, not everyone will leave a detailed account of their experience, but browsing through a few of them will help paint a good picture of what you’re buying.

Do you know anyone who would recommend them?

One last piece of advice is to ask the people you know if they would recommend a specific service to help with emergency heat pump repair. After all, if someone has had an experience with a specific HVAC company, you might be able to get a detailed account of what they’re all about – saving you time and research.

Ductless Air Is Available 24/7 For Emergency Heat Pump Repair

Our dedicated team of technicians has been serving Toronto and the GTA for more than 30 years. Give us a call anytime at 647-547-9207 , and we’ll dispatch someone within hours of your call, so you’re not left in the sweltering heat of summer, or the freezing cold of winter for too long.

You may or may not have heard the term heat pump before, and if you assumed that it has something to do with providing heat for your home then you’re on the right track. A heat pump is a ductless unit that can be installed in any home or office to either be the sole source of heat of to supplement the existing heating system.

In a nutshell, a heat pump looks like a ductless air conditioner and functions in a very similar way, with similar components. A heat pump has an external condenser unit as well as an internal air handler unit. These units are connected with a series of cables and wires through a hole in an exterior wall that’s only a few inches wide. There is literally no necessary construction for the installation of a ductless heat pump other than drilling that hole.

How Does A Heat Pump Work?

The external condenser unit basically strips the air outside of all the heat energy it can and transfers it to the interior of your home via the air handler unit. We won’t bore you with the details of this process, but it’s very cool and great technology. Heat pumps become less efficient the colder the air is outside because there is less heat energy and they have to work harder to create heat, but overall they’re very efficient systems.

A Heat Pump Is Also A Ductless Air Conditioner

On top of all the magical heat that a heat pump can produce, these ductless units can also be used as ductless air conditioners in the summer. While they contain all the technology necessary to create hear for your home or business, they also come ready to cool you down in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Overall, these ductless units are an affordable way to add heat to any space you need. They’re very efficient and with annual maintenance they are also very reliable. For more information about heat pumps or for a free installation or maintenance estimate contact us today: 647 547 9207.

So, it’s time to replace your old ductless unit with a shiny new one. Or, maybe you’re tired of sweating it out all summer without air conditioning. Or, you’ve had enough with high energy bills caused by your window air conditioner. Regardless of your reasons, it’s time to get a new ductless unit for your home, but where do you start?

A Ductless Unit For All Seasons

It might seem like there are endless options when it comes to ductless air conditioners, so where should you start? Prior to selecting any brands or even discussing the size and output of units, we always ask if our customers want to use it for heating and cooling or just cooling. This will help us narrow down the types of units available for your specific situation.

Heat pumps are a type of ductless unit that can also supplement your main heating system in cooler months and in the winter time. For example, if your home is heated by radiators and a boiler you likely don’t get very much air circulation, but a heat pump can fix that. It can provide heat to assist your boiler, as well as circulate the air in your home.

If you’re just interested in cooling your home, the a straight ductless air conditioner might be the best solution. They’re more affordable than heat pumps because they don’t include the technology necessary to provide heating.

Ductless Air Can Help Find The Right Ductless Unit

Once we have some of the details of what you need from your ductless unit, we can help you choose a unit from one of our reliable manufacturers. We’ll pick a number of ductless unit models that suit the size of your home, so you don’t waste energy. We’ll also find on that has all the features that you might want to use like wifi or bluetooth control.

Overall, a Ductless Air technician will help you make the right decisions for your home cooling system.

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